Wanting a Custom Print but Wondering About Your Options?

If you're here in search of the perfect custom print, whether you've typed in "screen printing shop near me" or "screen printing Toronto," you've landed at the right place—Povprints. Allow us to navigate you through a diverse world of custom print options, offering an array of printing techniques to cater to your unique preferences.

Puff Printing: Elevate Your Designs with a Touch of Texture

What is Puff Ink? Puff ink, a game-changer famously showcased by the streetwear brand Broken Planet is a type of screen printing ink mixed with a heat-activated foaming agent. The ink, initially printed flat, expands and creates a three-dimensional effect during the drying process. Puff Printing adds a textured impact to your designs, creating a visually interesting aesthetic suitable for a variety of garments and design styles.

Screen Printing: Vibrant and Versatile

What is Screen Printing? Screen Printing involves pushing ink through a mesh screen with your custom design onto a t-shirt, hoodie etc.. This versatile technique ensures high-quality prints suitable for polyester garments, t-shirts, joggers, hoodies and many more. With vibrant colors, versatility in printing on different surfaces, and long-lasting prints resistant to wear and washing, Screen Printing offers dynamic possibilities.

DTF Printing (Direct to Film): Precision for Detailed Designs

What is DTF Printing? For intricate and detailed designs, Povprints offers DTF Printing, a versatile technique allowing precision and clarity. DTF Printing opens up creative possibilities for various materials, ensuring your prints showcase intricate details with the utmost precision. Essentially the it is the parallel to DTG printing but in our opinion better because it does not fade after wash. 

3M Reflective Printing: Shine in Low-Light Conditions

What is 3M Reflective Printing? Our 3M Reflective Printing service is designed to make a bold statement, shining in low-light conditions and ensuring visibility and impact. Stand out with prints that catch the eye in any environment at Povprints.

UV DTF Stickers: Unlimited Possibilities on Hard Surfaces

What are UV DTF Stickers? For printing on glass, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic mugs, or any hard surface imaginable, Povprints offers UV DTF Stickers. Known for their versatility and durability, these stickers open up a wide array of opportunities for your custom prints on hard surfaces.

Closing Thoughts

So, that concludes the narrative of navigating through the various choices of custom print options at Povprints. If you're on the lookout for the perfect custom print, whether it's a "screen printing shop near me" or "screen printing Toronto," google search, your quest ends here. Patience may be key, but finding the custom print that resonates with your vision is the ultimate goal.

To us whats most important is ensuring you get a print you love, executed flawlessly, regardless of the printing technique.